An article on evaluation of service quality provided by retail businesses

Big business - many employees, poor service quality due to insufficient training or an unprogressive motivation system. In the early 2000s, there existed an extremely popular methodology - service quality evaluation through the Mystery Shopper method. As time went on, the trend for this service was out; in addition, the cost of this service has always been rather high as it is associated with making cash payment  in favor of individuals. What does the market offer today to be called “reliable and not expensive”? The solution is obvious. If it is necessary to clarify an issue or hold a one-time promotion, then the internal marketing department will cope with this task, but if it is necessary to conduct a periodic service quality evaluation, with reference to the motivation system, then you can significantly optimize the budget by contacting the contractor in contact center - bypassing intermediaries.

Benefits of a contact center:

Satisfaction Surveys - Customer Satisfaction Surveys. This is a telephone interviewing the audience who have used the customer's goods or services with the purpose of evaluating their satisfaction level. This methodology has been tested on thousands of projects, hundreds of questionnaire versions, well-run programming of complex questionnaires. Nowadays there is no need to engage research companies to have this service performed. Our company will do the work, enter the data, provide a report in the MS PPT format, provide guarantees of personal data safety, compare the results with previous studies.

NPS Loyalty Assessment – in general, the methodology is very similar to satisfaction surveys; the difference is that the ultimate goal is identification of customers’ desire to recommend the company to friends and acquaintances. Astra Page will also perform all turnkey works, guaranteeing personal data safety, and provide a full report. As an option, for customers having their own data analysis software, we can provide all data in the format of tables of well-known developers.

A "Telephone Shopper" or Mystery Calls. This service differs much from NPS or CSS. In frames of this service we have to create legends, select performers in accordance with the legends, conduct researches with reference to time, geography, and specifics of a company’s activity. Further on, the obtained data is entered into the system and analyzed.

It should be noted that all conducted researches are supported by technical reports, such as audio records of interviews and telephone calls, detailed billing, project data in the tables format, and in the final format, and in a language convenient for the customer's management.

In addition, Astra Page can offer evaluation of consultations after the client contacts the hotline or the sales department. Regardless of where and how the communication channel is serviced, Astra Page provides technical solutions for linking the channel to software, with the help of which the client can independently, by voice or by pressing a relevant button on the phone monitor, evaluate the advice provided. At that, if the client suddenly leaves negative feedback, the customer’s employee responsible for the service will be automatically notified about it, including the caller’s assessment and contact details. This applies to all service quality evaluations performed by the contact center.